Briefing – the moment that maps out a project

Does anyone start a journey without a map? Not unless you want to get lost.

BriefMapp is the roadmap for creatives, agencies, and their clients to start their projects right: with a good brief. 

Currently, this is not happening. Communication in the briefing process is broken. The problem with briefs is that they’re not brief OR designed to keep communications flowing. 

Information is all over the place – on emails, in meeting notes, on texts. Everywhere. It’s a mess. Clients also don’t know how to ask for what they want and so cannot give good direction. Meaning everyone’s lost.

The problem’s getting worse as the world of work changes. Agencies are shrinking and freelancers are one-man bands, who don’t have the tools to properly manage clients. 

Scattered communications and neglecting to get the first steps right can have a domino effect across the creative process. And means wasted time, energy, and resources – or billable hours in agency speak. 

I’ve been there. After 10 years in agency and more than 5 on the client side at the UN and in corporate, I’ve really felt the pain of badly designed briefs.

Briefing is the defining moment that maps out a project from beginning to end within constraints and it should be better. 

Yet despite the boom in digital productivity tools, the creative briefing space still hasn’t been disrupted. Yet it can be automated and drastically improved.

So, BriefMapp does this. We are creating a movement for easy, effective and convenient briefing on the go, and behind your desk.

We’re starting with an app, but ultimately, we want to change the way briefing is seen. So, the value’s not only on the end product, but also on starting off right.  

Our ALPHA app, BriefMapp, is a quick brief capture tool with extended templates to add more detail and space for collaboration. 

We act like an elastic band. 

We give the parameters of how far you can go creatively, but pull back when it’s needed, to keep clients and creatives on track, communicating and hitting targets, every time. 

We know the goal’s a creative product, so we weave multimedia in to keep it interactive and collaborative. 

  • You can add images, songs or videos to show what inspired the brief. 
  • Send voice notes. 
  • Customize and invite team-members to co-create your brief.
  • And track version history. 

BriefMapp keeps things brief and easy, but also helps control costs, record decisions, and manage workflow so everyone gets the whole picture to deliver a job, on time and to spec. 

This saves energy and money; and ensures an awesome final product, without the extra costs.

In the competitor pool, we’re seeing start-ups like ours emerging, showing the need. 

But no-one’s doing everything that we do in one place… and few concentrate exclusively on that critical briefing moment.

Our competitors focus on structure not creativity. We do both, with better outcomes for our customers. 

Our prototype will be ready by August and we’re working to get our MVP done by the end of the year – and to test it with 20 small agencies and a group of freelancers – while we look for funding.

We’ve already got our first two clients. And more coming.

The time’s right too. 

By the end of this year in the US alone almost half of the workforce will be freelancing.

A third of these work in the creative industries. 

But the trend – and demand – is global. Agencies and freelancers need a tool that will help them deliver work across distributed teams, cultures and geographies.

We know there’s demand because we’ve:

  • conducted 60+ interviews
  • Deployed concierge MVPs
  • Surveyed 100 people
  • And got more than 1000 people interested on social media

We’re focusing on the US advertising industry and its creative industry slice of 20,000 PR and ad agencies. 

But there is also huge potential in the gig economy, where over 170 gig platforms, like Upwork, provide work for 20 million creatives in the US, who say they need a tool like BriefMapp.

And also there’s room to grow in other industries that use briefs. 

Our customers have already said they will pay subscriptions of between 8 and 200 dollars for BriefMapp.

Our team’s been at the coalface of converting briefs into action for more than 60 combined years.

I’ve worked in this space for 15 years. Our CIO, Deirdre, spent 25 years in telcos, banking and health care. And the rest of the team are committed creatives from across the industry.

We want to be a force for creativity that delivers. To do this we need $350k, advice and networks… to build our movement that shifts the emphasis to: better beginnings as the key to happy endings.

That’s BriefMapp. Be bold. Be brief. 

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