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Creativity hinges on interpretation – that’s why clarity is everything.

BriefMapp redefines the way we conceptualise and relay information in a creative brief. 

We provide an immersive digital experience, seamlessly incorporating visual elements into your design and guiding your inner ideator in a fun, experiential and curated way. 

We enable creatives and their clients to transform ideas into actionable steps with intuitive templates and a personalised guided process. Taking your brief to the next level – from fleeting conceptualisation to impactful execution.

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We know you know the pain of not being able to decipher or deliver on a creative brief. 
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We want to create a platform that will springboard creativity into execution. We need your help to figure out how best to:

  1. Capture your creativity in a brief
  2. Formulate and express your idea that’s easy to interpret/decipher
  3. Share your idea with collaborators and stakeholders, in a way that’s easy for them to immediately take action. 

To do this we need to know:

  • how you think about and capture creative briefs
  • where the pitfalls in expressing your creative idea lie
  • what roadblocks you face with regards to the tools you use
  • what your frustrations in the briefing process are

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