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We’re behind every project plan that gets and keeps you business

Our tool helps creatives become better business people by giving them a blueprint to organize their work from the get go, keeping business on track and allowing creativity to bloom.


BriefMapp is a tool for everyone who works on creative products and services, and needs help getting down to business. We’re creative ourselves, so we get our customers’ problems because we experience them daily too, especially around communications and collaboration. 

This means we’re solving for ourselves and our customers. We’re building a community of creatives who we want to succeed.  We acknowledge our customers  as peers, not the source of profits, and seek to maintain a mutual level of trust and respect. 

We aim to bring delight to an often boring or daunting process by infusing organization with the creativity we crave.  In the end, our customers, our stakeholders and our employees are all part of the briefing team. We  nurture creativity for good while ensuring open communication and collaboration are at the centre of everything.


A world where creativity is organized but not lost.


We provide digital tools and technology for people working anywhere to deliver creative products and solutions everywhere. 

Founding Members


Amy has spent more than 15 years in creative agency and on the client side. She’s a creative economy specialist and a digital communications expert, recently head of digital communications at the UN trade body. Before her UN role she consulted widely, both domestically in South Africa and internationally, delivering communications solutions across the economic, finance and banking, industrial and manufacturing, retail, built environment and engineering, tourism, tech, digital and media industries. She founded BriefMapp in 2021.


Deirdre is an experienced business IT professional with a proven track record of creating and delivering innovative digital transformation in both large complex businesses and start-ups. With 20 years of experience in multiple sectors in South Africa, Africa, the Middle East and the United States, she is expert at demonstrating how info-tech is a business enabler.

Business Development and Marketing Lead

Stacey is a marketer, communicator and producer. Over her 14-year career, she has worked in the tech, advertising, design, fashion, retail and fine art spaces, driving strong sales, marketing, project management and communications projects for start-ups, entrepreneurs, galleries, and design studios. She has helped build businesses by ensuring there is synergy across aesthetic, brand and communications that converts into sales. 

Our Advisors


Founding Board Member and Advisor at Dartmouth Apologia and Eleazar Wheelock Society

 VP, The LEGO Agency Americas at The LEGO Group

Co-Founder @DRIVVE

 Sculpt your ‘plan before the plan’ with all the key players on board and working together.