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A brief bee in the bonnet

Creative briefing is the critical moment in any project cycle but it's often neglected. Here's why we should prioritize it.

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"My observation is that in our industry both clients and internal teams neglect the briefing process, they would rather have a brief over a call and often at times key and important details will be omitted from the brief."

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Briefmapp Survey
"Questions usually asked are the same ones, that the briefee is aware of, but not the briefer. By automating the process on a standalone system, across devices, can actually shorten, and make the briefing process more relevant to the expertise of the briefee."

Respondent 2
Briefmapp Survey
"A bad brief is the difference between having a business that works, and one that doesn't. It doesn't just cost profitability, it costs company viability."

Respondent 3
Briefmapp Survey
"Online centralised briefing system that would be accessible by all parties in advertising and creative production of works from client (and their initial brief) to agency client services, production, creatives the various production house suppliers, post production houses."
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How much does bad briefing really cost you?

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